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The Institute was founded upon the instruction of Haji Ahmad Moosa Desai (rahimahullah) of Richmond, South Africa. It was upon his instruction to his son, Mawlana Mahmood Madni Desai (hafizahullah), that the Institute started on 18th January 1994 with one teacher and one student. With the generous assistance of Hajee Mohammed Essack of Camperdown and his family, the Institute began at his premises with one bedroom, classroom and a dining hall. Within the first academic year, the number of students … [Read More...]

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We cannot keep all the stock on hand?

We are a sourcing company, we get inquiry for a certain product from our customers; We source the product from factories and distributors in china; We quote our customer with our margins; Customer if … [Read More...]

Does this nullify the Nikaah?

Mufti Saheb Please can you direct me to someone that may be able to provide advise or confirmation on the question below, I have to give advise and guidance to the way forward – - A step … [Read More...]

Did the girl lose her virginity?

Question As salamu alaykum, Somebody asked: If somebody did enter with his penis not fully the vagina of girl, and the girl did not bleed nor did she had pain, did the girl lost her … [Read More...]

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