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The Institute was founded upon the instruction of Haji Ahmad Moosa Desai (rahimahullah) of Richmond, South Africa. It was upon his instruction to his son, Mawlana Mahmood Madni Desai (hafizahullah), that the Institute started on 18th January 1994 with one teacher and one student. With the generous assistance of Hajee Mohammed Essack of Camperdown and his family, the Institute began at his premises with one bedroom, classroom and a dining hall. Within the first academic year, the number of students … [Read More...]

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Is there a differance regarding Mahr Fatimi ?

Question I have been informed that there is a differance between Mahr Fatimi and the Mahr which Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) gave his noble consorts. Is this true? If it is, how much exactly … [Read More...]

The Government forcefully took away many properties during apartheid?

Question In the apartheid times the government forcefully took away many properties from our parents and grandparents and gave them meagre sums of money as a form of compensation. The government is … [Read More...]

If a woman has an affair with her khala’s husband

Question If a woman has an affair with her khala's husband (mother's sisters’ husband) does her khala's nikah become void? Also can you tell me of some aadiy'a in order to get married soon? … [Read More...]

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