Asking Allah to accept our ibadah

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QUESTION:   Asalamualaikum.   Hazrat, after fulfilling a nafl salah, giving sadaqah, or even nafl fast, we’re supposed to ask Allah to accept it from us.   How do we say, or term this in Arabic?   Jazak’Allah!     Answered:   You may recite the Du’a of Sayyiduna Ibrahim عليه السلام, which he recited upon completing the construction of the Ka’ba Shareef. Refer to Surah … [Read more...]

Number of rakats for Salah Duha

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QUESTION:   Asalamualaikum.   Hazrat, what is the maximum number of rakats, that can be performed for this salah, and the ideal time to read it for maximum reward. If you can specify time instead of fiqh details i.e. how the sky must look etc – that will be better for me.     Answer:   The maximum number of Rakaats for Salatud Duha is twelve Rakaats.   It can be performed anytime … [Read more...]

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QUESTION: Is mazeedah a male or female name Sent from my Infinix Answer: اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته If it is a female name which mean plenty or a lot. And Allah Ta'ala knows best Darul Iftaa Madrasah In’aamiyyah Camperdown South Africa … [Read more...]

Home rates

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  QUESTION: Assalaamualikum    I have a query can interest money be used to pay home rates    JazakAllah     Answer:     As Muslims, living in non Muslim countries we are bound to adhere to the rules of the country as long as they are not unislamic. The rates levied on homes are in lieu of services rendered by the municipality. However, if there is no service … [Read more...]

Share Trading

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QUESTION: اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I pray to Allah that this email finds you in the best of health.   Please answer the following question for me:   Is share trading, such as on the jse markets, halal? The investment will be purely profit and market based and void of any interest.   جزاك الله خير الجزاء   Answer:     According to our research, investing in stocks is not … [Read more...]

Madrasah teachers salary

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Question: Assalaamualikum   Respected brothers and sisters   I pray you all are well.   It has come to our notice that muallIms and muallimas teaching in certain areas are being paid do you justify a teacher earning R1.100 a month for dedicating precious time in a madrasah.this is indeed a sad reality that Is happening in many maktabs in kzn. When the muallimas raise the issue they are threatened … [Read more...]