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Assalaamu 'Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu Respected Mufti Saab My farther in law has given a property to his 3 children. They wish to develop the property. They do not have the finance to develop it and have resorted to obtaining an interest bearing loan. It is my father in laws desire that this investment be for his 3 children. We have advised that we cannot be part to the interest transaction and loan. They cannot pay us out for … [Read more...]

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I am 14 yesrs old islaamically and im not sure if im baligh.I have never had a wet dream nor have I released mani in any way, however i have released mazi and probably wadhi also.I have pubic hair by my private parts however I don't h have armpit hair Also if I am baligh ,i am not sure since when.please advise with regards to the kadha salaat and zakaat جزاكم الله Answer:   According to shari’ah, one will be regarded as baligh at … [Read more...]

life issues

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Question: Assalamualaikum a family with 3 children and mother in law and father in law live together  all the money  which a father of three children earns are handed over to his mother ,,,and   all themanagement is in his  mothers hand is this the right way of managing a home???  and when his wife needs the money she should ask her mother in law or her husband whether this is according to … [Read more...]

Applying kohl on aashourah

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Question: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh   ​Qazi khan mention that it is recommended to ​apply kohl on Aashoura. What is the stance of our Ulama on this issue? Jazakumullah khaira Anwer: Ahadith that appear in the books of fiqh are not authentic by default. If they were reported by the a’immah of the madhhab for istidlaal, like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Abu Yusuf or Imam Muhammad, then there is no doubt … [Read more...]

Does this nullify the Nikaah?

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Mufti Saheb Please can you direct me to someone that may be able to provide advise or confirmation on the question below, I have to give advise and guidance to the way forward – - A step father has sexual intercourse with his step daughter, does this nullify the nikaah that the step father has with his wife ie step daughter’s mother - If it is not invalid, does another nikaah need to be performed to rectify - Any … [Read more...]


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Hadrath Ali (RA) was endowed with foresight and deep understanding of Deen. This in fact was the exposition of the Dua of Nabi (sallahu Alayhi Wasallam ) wherein he said "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its Door". The thought provoking advises of Ali (R.A) are found in many books. Here under are few of his advises that could be beneficial in our lives. 1. The punishment of involving yourself in the love of material aspects is the … [Read more...]