The Reality of Istikhaara

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PREFACE All praises are due to Allah, the Creator, Nourisher and Sustainer of both the worlds. Through Allah's infinite mercy on mankind. He selected Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) as a mentor and filled his heart with love and affection towards His creation. May Allah's choicest blessings and salutations be showered on His beloved Rasul … [Read more...]

Adopt a Sunnah – The Blessed Fruit

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ADOPT A SUNNAH...3 BLESSED FRUIT Allah Ta'ala says in the noble Qur'aan, 'Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and we produce therewith fruits of various colours.' (Surah Faatir 27). And Allah Ta'ala says, 'And he sent down rain from the sky and brought forth fruits as a provision for you.' (Baqarah 22) Fruit and vegetation are a great bounty of Allah Ta'ala upon humanity. Some provide nourishment and … [Read more...]

Adopt a Sunnah – MERCY OR TORMENT ??

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Allah Ta'ala says, 'And He is the One who sends the winds ahead of His Mercy, i.e. Rain.' (Al-Furqaan 48) In another verse, Allah Ta'ala says, 'When they (the nation of Aad) saw a cloud approaching their valleys, they said, 'This cloud will give us rain,' Nay! It is the calamity you were asking to be hastened. A wind wherein is a grievous punishment.' (al-Ahqaaf 24) Allah Ta'ala has complete control over everything. Within the blink of an eye … [Read more...]

The Importance of Tawbah [book by Moulana Ahmad Chohan]

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DEFINITION OF SIN Any action which is contrary to the commandments of Allah Ta'aala and earn His displeasure is a sin. Although sins are categorised as "major" and "minor" one should bear in mind that to earn the displeasure of Allah Ta'aala is a major offence. Hazrat Ibne Abbas (radhiyallahu anhu) said, "Every prohibition is a major sin." Hazrat Fudhail Ibne Ayaaz (rahmatullah alaih) said, "The lighter one regards a sin the greater is … [Read more...]

The Status of Repentance

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The state of repentance, tawbah, is at the beginning, the middle and the end of all states of submission to the will of Allah. The servant who seeks the pleasure of Allah never abandons tawbah. He remains in the state of tawbah until his death. Whatever his state of belief, the servant makes tawbah his constant companion. Thus, tawbah is at the beginning and at the end of his servitude to his Creator. His need for tawbah at the end, just as … [Read more...]

The Merits of Seeking Forgiveness

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Preface After praising Allāh  and sending salutations upon Nabī , I want to inform my brothers that it is proven from the explicit texts of Sharī’ah that whatever calamities befall a person are primarily due to his sins, although outwardly it may be some other cause. This subject has been discussed in some detail in the preface of ‘Ílājul Qaht Wal Wabā’. It is an accepted fact that the cure is sought from an antidote. According to this … [Read more...]