Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra)

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Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra)


Once Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra) went to the market. He had his companions with him. He picked up something to buy. He began searching for his money to make the payment. He had actually placed the money in a small bag in his Imamah (turban), at the back. So he began fumbling around for it and he discovered that his bag had disappeared and there was no money. So Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra) said to his companions who were there, “By Allah, I remember that when I came here I had my money with me.” (i.e. someone has stolen it). So his companions began cursing the thief. Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra) said, “Do not curse him. Rather, I pray for him. Oh Allah! If he stole because he was in need, then oh Allah, bless this money for him. And if he stole not because he was in need, but out of sin and transgression, then oh Allah, make this his last sin.” This was the noble character of Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (radiallahu anh), and indeed all of the Sahabah (radiallahu anhum). They would pray even for those who had wronged them.


[Taken from a lecture by Shaykh Riyad ul Haq, titled ‘Malice: To Hate & Hurt’]

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