Reading from the transliteration

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Question   Reading from the transliteration of the Qur'ân, is it as if one has read from the Arabic text ? If the words are pronounced correctly, but is read from the transliteration (for example using the below Turkish transliteration table, and learning first the correct pronunciation of each transliteration letter) will be the same as if he read them from the Arabic text? Transliteration table: ا  - e / a ب - b ت … [Read more...]

test her to read Quran

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Question   When a girl is in haiz are you allowed to test her to read Quran for exam purposes?   Answer Muhtaram / Muhtaramah   In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāh wa-barakātuh. It is not permissible for women to read the Quran majeed even though it may be for “exam purposes”. If a women is experiencing her haidh then she should consult with her mu’allima(female … [Read more...]

is it disrespect

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Question I was reading Maulana Ashaf Ali Thanwi's books, remedies from quran,also maulana Seed Dehlvis kitabs,all it is it says some quranic ayats and quran charts written in arabic numbers you can keep on you for varios reasons,so i copied these ayats by writing on piece of paper,putting cling film,selotape,and few more paper covering so that it is not visible,I have placed these ayats in my leather wallet,I want to know if this is … [Read more...]

read passages of the Quran

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Question Jazaakallah for your help in answering my previous question. I have searched your website for help on the following matter but have failed to find the answer. I therefore would greatly appreciate if you could help me on this. I am studying at university of Leeds, UK and we have a module called Art of Tajweed which is taught by a Muslim. We are taught to read passages of the Quran. My concern is that there are sisters who are also … [Read more...]

how to discard this verses

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Date: Friday, August 31, 2012       Question     I am trying to memorize verses of holy Quran, but as I work in a hospital i do not get muchg time. So, I print off 1-2 verses and recite until I memorize. This way my memorization is proving very effective and therefore I want to continue. Now, after memorize I would like to know how to discard this verses, either burying, or burninbg or shreding? … [Read more...]

Dietary and Sabbath laws (S.16:114-119, 124) are contradicted in S16:101

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Ref no: 0345# Date: Monday, July 18, 2011 Category Quraan Title Dietary and Sabbath laws (S.16:114-119, 124) are contradicted in S16:101 Question 1. S2:62 tells us that Muslims, Christians and Sabeans are saved. S3:85 tells us only Muslims are saved. Jews and Christians have the curse of Allah on them (S9:30). 2. Dietary and Sabbath laws (S.16:114-119, 124) are contradicted in S16:101. Answer … [Read more...]