No Compulsion in Religion

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To Those Who seek the Truth for the Sake of Truth   Without any doubt Almighty Allah Jallah Wa’ala could have created a world without hardship, pain and misfortune, but that would have meant His depriving man of freedom and choice; mankind would have been let loose in the world as a creature without will or the power of decision, just like any other creature lacking perception and awareness, formed exclusively by nature and totally … [Read more...]

The Place Of A Muslim- And His Message

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The Place Of A Muslim- And His Message   Being the Friday sermon delivered on June 3, 1977 in the assembly room of the United Nations where the employees of the Muslim and Arab countries meet for the Friday service, a large number of Arabs participated in the congregation among whom responsible members of the staffs of Rabita-i-Aalam-i-Islami and the United Nations were prominent. You are the hunter of the Phoenix; it is only the … [Read more...]

Responsibilities Of Muslim Immigrants

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    Responsibilities Of Muslim Immigrants       This speech was delivered at Toronto on June 10, 1977. O My bondmen who believe! spacious is My earth; therefore serve ye Me (and Me alone) (-XXIX: 56) The aim of man's existence, in the sight of God, is submission, i.e., to attain a true awareness of God, and lead one's life in conformity with his commands, and seek Ms countenance by following the path laid … [Read more...]

Beauty Of Islam

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Beauty Of Islam   On Monday, April 24 2006, an international business conference was held in the Netherlands. Each member was representing at least 100 or more companies around the world. Most of the members, about 90%, were non-Muslims from different parts of Europe. In the recent past, there has been much Islamophobia around the world and much of that has emanated from incidents in Europe, for example, the Cartoon issue. The conference … [Read more...]

A Path For Mankind

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A Path For Mankind There is a primary and simple fact about the religion of Islam and the manner of its operation in the life of mankind which, for all its simplicity, is frequently forgotten or initially misunderstood. From forgetting or failing to comprehend it, there arises a serious error in examining the religion, both its essential nature and its historic reality, its present and its future. Some expect Islam, seeing that it is … [Read more...]

The Missing Ingredient In Our Salah!

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The Missing Ingredient In Our Salah!   Imagine the inconvenience one would have to undergo in arranging to meet the country’s president? Imagine the numerous phone calls to parliament and the influence of the rich and ‘powerful’ people that would be required just to arrange a simple meeting with him? And finally, when the scheduled time does arrive after hours of anticipation, how alert and ecstatic wouldn’t one be? Yet, the ‘prominent’ … [Read more...]