Shi’i Concept of Imaamat Explained

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Q: I came across your website and it made for interesting reading on how you knowingly or unknowingly incite hatred amongst the Muslim ummah. The book in question, "The Faith of Shia Islam", clearly states the lesser stature of the Imams of the Shia faith as compared to the Prophet in the very sentence that you chose to quote incorrectly. A: It is most distressing and unfortunate that you have elected to perceive our presentation of the … [Read more...]

What is Qadiyaanism

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Qaadiyaanism… … dishonours Allah, the Creator Where can the human escape from that being in whose hands is every atom. He says: I will come secretly like thieves. (Roohaani Khazaa’in Page 39, Vol. 20) … claims divinity for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad I (Mirza) saw in a dream that I am God. I have believed that I am God. (Roohaani Khazaa’in Page 564, Vol. 5) … teaches that the door of prophethood is open, even after the final Prophet Muhammad … [Read more...]

In Reply to Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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by Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianwi Whenever Qadianis are disappointed over something or feel uneasy, their leaders must embark on some mischief to prop them up. This s customary with them. In this way they set their progeny at rest. But as luck would have it, this invariably results in more disgrace and greater ignominy for them. In this context, a new activity has recently emanated from their leader, Mirza Tahir Ahmad. He has challenged all … [Read more...]

The Activities of the Qadiyaanis

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WHO ARE QADIANIS OR AHMADIS? The followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian are called Qadianis or Abmadis, whether they may regard him as a real Prophet; or a ‘Zilli or Buroozi’ (through rebirth according to Hindus’ reincarnation) Prophet; as the ‘Masih Mau’ud; a reformer; (Muhaddas) (one who talks with God), Hazrat Ibrahim, Sri Krishna, even God. Whatever may they regard him, they are invariably non-Muslims, … [Read more...]