Abu Ali Al-Husayn Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina

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Abu Ali al-Husayn Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina was born in Bukhara in 980. Sometimes known in the West by the Latin name, Avicenna, this Persian physician became the most famous and influential of all the Islamic philosopher-scientists. He earned royal favour for treating the Kings of Bukhara and Hamadan for ailments that other physicians could neither diagnose nor cure. His grave is still maintained in Hamadan, where he died in 1037. Though … [Read more...]

The Four Madhabs

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THE HANAFEE MADH-HAB The Founder: Imaam Abu Haneefah R.A. (703-767 CE) This Madh-Hab is named after its founding scholar, Abu Haneefah, whose actual name was Nu'maan Ibn Thaabit. He was born in the year 702 CE, in Kufah, Iraq. His father was a silk merchant of Persian origin, who accepted Islam during the reign of the Khulafaa Raashidoon [Righteous Caliphs]. Abu Haneefah began his earlier studies in the field of philosophy and dialectics … [Read more...]

Hasan Al-Basri [ra]

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Hasan Al-Basri [ra]   Al-Hasan ibn Abi al-Hasan Yasar Abu Sa'id al-Basri (d. 110), al-Faqîh, the great Imam of Basra, leader of the ascetics and scholars of his time. The son of a freedwoman of Umm Salama's (the Prophet's wife) and a freedman of Zayd ibn Thabit's (the Prophet's stepson). Umm Salama nursed him - Allah be well-pleased with her. His mother took him as a child to 'Umar who supplicated for him with the words: "O Allah! Make him … [Read more...]

The Idol Destroyer – Sultan Mahmood

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The Idol Destroyer - Sultan Mahmood   Mahmood was a pious king, who was very much interested in seeking knowledge but above all he loved Jihad. One achievement in his love of fighting in the cause of Allah lead Muslims to call him the destroyer of the idol. As the end of the forth century of hijrah was drawing close, the city of Baghdad was suffering under the oppression of the Burayhee, a nation of ruthless people who came down from the … [Read more...]


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Damascus, as—Sham or Dimashq, is the oldest city in the world. Recent archaeological discoveries suggest that Dimashq is older than 8,000 BC. It is said that the name “Sham” was derived from “Shem” or “Sam” in Arabic, the name of the eldest son of Prophet Nooh (Noah), alayhis salaam, who chose to live there after the floods. 635 CE was a turning point in the history of Dimashq. The city received the Islamic armies under the leadership of … [Read more...]

Abu Dharr Al-Ghifariy[radhiallaahu anhu]

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  Abu Dharr Al-Ghifariy[radhiallaahu anhu]   In the ninth year of Hijra, the Master was leading an expedition to Tabuk. One evening as the army was encamping, people saw someone trudging on, with baggage on his back. "Who could this fellow be, coming on foot, all by himself?" remarked some of the men. "It must be Abu Dhar," said the Master. People looked carefully and shouted out, "O Messenger of Allah! surely this is Abu … [Read more...]