A Mischief-Maker Is Silenced

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A Mischief-Maker Is Silenced Qadi Abu Bakr Ibn at-Tayyib رحمه الله was sent by the Muslims to the Christian King in constantinople. The Christians respected him and held him in high esteem. As they feared that he would not bow down to the king upon entering the court, they arranged his entry through a small door so that he would be forced to lower his head and bow while entering through it. But, the judge was wise enough to understand their plot … [Read more...]

Shah Walli-u Allah

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Shah Wali-u Allah Shah Walli-u Allah was born on 4th Shawwaal, 1114 / 21 February 1703 1703 at Phulat in Delhi. His ancestors had migrated from Arabia to Iran for reasons not known. Later on when the invasion of the Tatars caused widely spread terror and destruction in Iraq and Iran, the forefathers of the Shah are said to have migrated to India and found their settlement here at Rohtak village. His grandfather was a gallant soldier in the … [Read more...]

The story of Shaykh Abdullah-al-andalusi

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The story of Shaykh Abdullah-al-andalusi     This is a story filled with lessons and warning, anyone who is in a high position of academic activity or in Tasawwuf or in any other service of Deen will derive benefit and guidance from it. They will learn that it is of utmost importance for one to avoid thinking of others as being inferior to him. They should always remember the advice of Shaykh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi (rah), the … [Read more...]

Imam ibn Majah

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{jb_yellowbox}IMAM IBN MAJAH{/jb_yellowbox}     Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Majah (r.a) – [209 - 273 A.H.] Imam Ibn Majah was born in the city of Qazvin in the northern Persian province of Dailam. After gaining ahadith from the many great religious scholars of his city, he travelled to seek knowledge at the young age of 21. Imam Ibn Majah is said to have visited Basrah, Kufah, Baghdad, the Hijaz, Makkah, Syria and Egypt to hear and … [Read more...]

Abu Bakr – The First Caliph

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Abu Bakr - The First Caliph Early Life Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه was born at Makkah some time in 573 CE. His father was Uthman, surnamed Abu Qahafa, and his mother was Salma, surnamed Umm-ul-Khair. They belonged to the Bani Taim section of the Quraysh. The genealogy of Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه joined with that of the Holy Prophet ﷺ eight generations back in their common ancestor Murrah. When the Holy Prophet ﷺ announced his prophetic … [Read more...]

The Story of Abu Ghayth

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The Story of Abu Ghayth “From the signs of truthfulness is fear of Allah and asceticism in life; for the truthful with conviction fears consuming from what is impermissible and bears poverty and hardship for the sake of Islam. If he commits sin then he does not sleep until he returns to his Lord and repents, in order to free himself from the sin, and its burden. Ibn Jarir at-Tabari: I was in Makkah during the season of Hajj and I … [Read more...]