I Embraced Islam – Zain Muhammad

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Whether it fittingly opens in Mississippi, Pakistan, or New York--my story begins and ends with absolute unquestioning submission to Allah as His humble and undeserving servant. I was born into this world an American Christian, a Southern Baptist in the deep heart of the mythical south: Mississippi. Always a sensitive child, given to prayer and Bible reading, I believed in what my elders taught me: that God was One and God was Three, that Christ … [Read more...]

Views of Reverts About Islam

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Moderation and temperance are keynote of Islam The simplicity of Islam, the powerful appeal and compelling atmosphere of its mosques, the earnestness of its faithful adherents, the confidence inspiring realization of the millions throughout the world who answer the five daily calls to prayer - these factors attracted me from the first. The broad-minded tolerance of Islam for other religions recommends it to all lovers of liberty. Muhammad … [Read more...]

Experiences of a Recently Converted Hindu Woman

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I came from a purely Hindu family where we were always taught to regard ourselves (i.e. women) as beings who were eventually to be married off and have children and serve the husband, whether he was kind or not. Other than this, I found that there were a lot of things, which really oppressed women, such as: If a woman was widowed, she would always have to wear a white sari costume, eat vegetarian meals, cut her hair short, and never … [Read more...]

Why Did I Embrace Islam – Dr. Abdul-Karim Herbert

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Dr. Abdul Karim Herbert Why did I embrace Islam? My only convincing answer to this question is that Almighty Allah in His Glory helped me in admitting the Greatest Truth and testifying to the biggest reality to the world. I, however, know fully well that human nature and its disposition refuse to be convinced of certain facts and realities without satisfactory proofs and cogent arguments. Keeping in view man's nature, I feel that this reply … [Read more...]

Britain’s High Class Are Flocking to Islam

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Authentic research has shown that over 14000 Brits have converted to Islam after having lost hope in the style of life the West is offering. ‘Amongst the converts there exists many famous personalities which is a great booster for the Muslims who have become a prey to accusations of terrorism and are living in fear’ in the words of Muslim leaders. The Muslim Council has appointed the former health minister’s son Ahmed Dobson as chairman of  … [Read more...]