To Allah Ta’ala we will be brought back

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Hazrat Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu narrates that Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam once said: “There were two men in the Bani Israeel who were close friends. One of them was a habitual sinner whilst the other exerted himself in acts of worship. The one exerting himself in worship would often see his friend involved in sin and would instruct him: “Refrain from sin” One day he found him engaged in some sin and thus again instructed him: … [Read more...]

Service to One’s Mother

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Hadhrat Muhammad bin Munkadir (rahmatullahi alaih) was a famous taabi`ee and from amongst the distinguished narrators of Hadeeth. He relates that once for the duration of the entire night I continued massaging the feet of my mother whilst my brother, Abu Bakr bin Munkadir (rahmatullahi alaih) was engaged in nafl Salaah throughout the night. However, I would not exchange the smallest bit of my night of service for the night of nafl worship. … [Read more...]

Superstition & the Month of Safar

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      All praises to Allawh (Sub haa nahoo wa Ta’aalaa) and choicest blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammud (Sallal law hu ‘alay hi wa sallam). We are entering the second month of the lunar calendar. Sa-far with a “Sawd” either means ” To turn yellow’ or ‘To be empty/vacant’ . It was in Autumn when the leaves turn yellow or the homes of the Arabs were empty of their menfolk, … [Read more...]

The Sacred Month of Muharram

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The Sacred Month of Muharram       By Mufti Taqi Uthmaani Muharram is the month with which the Muslims begin their lunar Hijrah Calendar. It is one of the four sanctified months about which the Holy Quran says, “The number of the months according to Allah is twelve months (mentioned) in the Book of Allah on the day in which He created heavens and the earth. Among these (twelve months) there are four … [Read more...]

Asking Allah to accept our ibadah

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QUESTION:   Asalamualaikum.   Hazrat, after fulfilling a nafl salah, giving sadaqah, or even nafl fast, we’re supposed to ask Allah to accept it from us.   How do we say, or term this in Arabic?   Jazak’Allah!     Answered:   You may recite the Du’a of Sayyiduna Ibrahim عليه السلام, which he recited upon completing the construction of the Ka’ba Shareef. Refer to Surah … [Read more...]

Number of rakats for Salah Duha

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QUESTION:   Asalamualaikum.   Hazrat, what is the maximum number of rakats, that can be performed for this salah, and the ideal time to read it for maximum reward. If you can specify time instead of fiqh details i.e. how the sky must look etc – that will be better for me.     Answer:   The maximum number of Rakaats for Salatud Duha is twelve Rakaats.   It can be performed anytime … [Read more...]