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"0 Allah, for You I have fasted and with Your provisions do I break my fast"The blessed month of Ramadhan is fast approaching and many of us are busy making preparations to make this a special time for our families. Ramadhan is a time for voluntary acts of worship, sharing with those who are less fortunate, and reflecting on the message that Allah has given to us.Overall, the goal of this month is to develop ourselves spiritually and to become … [Read more...]


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The one image etched in Ramadan's mind from his childhood days is that of all the villagers of Alsawati, men and children, coming together for Salatul maglirib and bringing food with them for iftar. After salah, they would all sit in clusters of four to five people in the Masjid's courtyard having iftar together. The women would gather at neighbors' homes. "Everyone would bring food. It was like a potluck iftar. That is an image I can never … [Read more...]


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In the depths of each night of Ramadhaan, Adam Esse would take his rounds in the streets of his small village called Sinujiif in Somalia, exhorting the sleepers to wake for suhur. Beating a drum-like iron container with a big stick, the young Esse would repeatedly chant, "Suhur Yaa Mu'mineen"Conjuring up those images years later, his voice became hoarse with emotion, 'I really miss it. Even if I used to miss one member of a house, they'd ask the … [Read more...]

Countdown for Ramadaan Begins

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The Countdown for Ramadaan Begins. The countdown has already begun. Less than a month remains for the arrival of Holy Ramadaan.The very name of Ramadaan evokes a feeling of expectant joy and pleasure in the heart of the Mu'min. A restlessness overtakes the Mu'min in eager anticipation of the Holy month. Sometimes, this feeling even turns to fear and anxiety. "O Allah, will I see Ramadaan this year?" Allah alone knows who will live to see … [Read more...]


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Daytime normally constitutes of occupation with work and school, with many of the Muslim countries altering schedules to accommodate Ramadhan, and restaurants are closed in countries like Pakistan and Somalia, and no one eats in public during the day. While right before Maghrib the cities become like ghost towns, the streets, homes, and Masajid come alive during the night, especially after Iftaar. People visit each other, go to the bazaars and … [Read more...]