My niece has been suffering from eczema for along time

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Question I hope you are in the best state of imaan and health. I have a very important question which i need an answer to as soon as possible. My niece has been suffering from eczema for along time. She has tried many medication which have not helped her at all. Just recently the doctor has prescribed her with a different type of medicine called Neoral Soft Gelatin capsules Cyclosporin. I wanted to know whether the Gelatin mentioned in this … [Read more...]

coka cola containing alcohol

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Question     Majlisul Ulema site has a booklet about coka cola containing alcohol (ethenol) . I have been tryng to do research on this and basically what everyone is saying is the flavoring used is alcohol based (90+%) and final coke product has .01%  some Ulema ( and some self studied people) are saying that this small percentage is not a problem and coke is permissable. Majlis is saying that no matter how little, its not … [Read more...]

eating of such a chicken is allowed

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Question   A Supreme Court of Pakistan during a case took notice of the fact that majority of the feed for chickens being imported into PAKISTAN comprise of PORK, the supreme court has banned the import of such chicken feed based on the premise that it will not allow anyone to force the people of PAKISTAN to eat something which is HARAAM.   My question in this regards is whether eating of such a chicken is allowed when most of … [Read more...]

Can we eat those things

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Question   We live in UK. We are settled here. We are very religious. We always taught our children Quran-e-Pak and islamic values. But inspite of all this our daughter went on to marry a hindu. We left her and told her we will never see her again. We prayed Allah (swt), but our prayers were not accepted by Him and she went on and married a hindu. Allah (swt) Knows why this all happened. I can only say that we are one of the unfortunate … [Read more...]

halaal status of the juices

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Date: Monday, September 03, 2012       Question   This e-mail is concerning Ceres juices and whether these juices deemed halaal by your esteemed organization? Additionally, aside from the investigation of the ingredients, processes, etc to determine the halaal status of the juices, can the name of the juices affect their halaal status? The name of the juices, the company and indeed the town is of a … [Read more...]


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Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012   Question   . CAN ON EAT AND CONSUME EASTER EGGS AND HOT CROSS BUNS? 2. CAN ONE HAVE DEBIT/ CREDIT CARD MACHINE IN ONES BUSINESS, ESPECIALLY IF THE CUSTOMER IS DOING A PAYMENT ON THEIR CREDIT CARD ON THE BUDGET FACILITY?       Answer   Muhtaram / Muhtaramah   In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum … [Read more...]