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I am 14 yesrs old islaamically and im not sure if im baligh.I have never had a wet dream nor have I released mani in any way, however i have released mazi and probably wadhi also.I have pubic hair by my private parts however I don’t h have armpit hair
Also if I am baligh ,i am not sure since when.please advise with regards to the kadha salaat and zakaat
جزاكم الله



According to shari’ah, one will be regarded as baligh at the age of 15 if he did not experience ihtilaam (wet dream). Therefore, since you are 14 years and did not experience ihtilaam you are not baligh. Hence, no qadha or zakaat is necessary on you.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best



Darul Iftaa

Madrasah In’aamiyyah

Camperdown, South Africa

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