10 Ways to Boost Your Memory

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Everyone forgets things from time to time. But for some people, poor memory can be a perennial problem. The brain never actually loses a memory. It records each one like a computer. However, problems with recall begin when we don't practise retrieving this information and so the memories we had become lost. The brain, like other parts of the body, needs physical and mental exercise, together with particular nutrients, to increase the power of … [Read more...]

The Reality of Dreams

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Qaadhi Thanaullah Panipati (RA) mentions in Tafseer Mazhari, ‘The images seen in sleep are known as dreams.’ Dreams are messengers from the unknown, voices from our collective subconscious, warners of deep inner disturbance in the individual psyche, bearing glad tidings of good things to come or echoes of happiness or sadness and long hidden memories. … [Read more...]

Virtues Of Shahaadah In The Path Of Allah

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"The life of the Ummah is connected to the ink of the scholars and the blood of the martyrs. What is more beautiful than to write the history of the Ummah with both the ink of the scholar and his blood, such that the map of Islamic history becomes coloured with two lines: one of them black, and that is what the scholar writes with the ink of his pen; … [Read more...]

Laylatul Baraat [15th night of Sha’baan]

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Published by: Waterval Islamic Institute, Johannesburg Performing Iebaadah and other aspects of Allaah's grace during this night 1. Hadhrut Aa-ishah [radhiallaahu anhu], relates that I once did not know the whereabouts of Rasoeloul-laah [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam]. Then he was at the Jannatoel Baqie. Rasoeloul-laah then asked me: What, do you fear that Allaah and his Rasool will forsake you? Hadhrut Aa-ishah [radhiallaahu anhu] replied: `I … [Read more...]

From The Depth Of The Heart … 1/3

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by Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (Marhoom) Brothers and Sisters, It makes me very happy to be with you here in Washington, the capital city of the United States of America, which may be described as the hub of the world. Today its influence is felt everywhere, and in all spheres of life, social, political and economic. We may like it or not, but no one … [Read more...]


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  IMAAM BUKHARI (Rahmatullaahi Alayhi) AND HIS FAMOUS AL-JAAMIUS SAHIH   Bardizba was a fire worshipper. His son Mugira accepted Islam on the hands of Ju’fi the governor of Bukhara. That is why the name Ju’fi appears at the end of his name. There is not much mention about Imam Bukhari’s grandfather, Ebrahim. However his father, Ismail, was a muhaddith and Ibn Hibban has rated him in the 4th category of reliable muhadditheen. He … [Read more...]